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Nicole Mordecai


I am a photographer based in Weston, MA. Photography is my second career after working for decades in the software industry as a software designer and research project lead. I started photography in the digital age, loving the immediate gratification of digital images.

I enjoy representational photography, but I'm particularly drawn to creating painterly and abstract images, presenting the world in a way that most people don't see it. I started my exploration in this area with reflections and have progressed to a variety of special effects techniques including shooting through glass (see Bending the Light gallery), in-camera multiple exposures (Montages gallery), and light painting (Light Painting gallery).

In addition to creating art photography, I work with clients to document community events, create images for their online presence, or capture candid family, pet, and sports photos. I teach basic photography skills including iPhone photography, creative photography, and photo editing.

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